Carboneids is rhythmic cubism and psychedelic synthesizer melodies from outer space

Sinister chords meets vocoder and screams, rhythmic cubism, psychedelic melodies and thrilling synthesizer music arises.
The band Carboneids stems from many years of hard work on the electronic soundstage. The duo has been around since 1998 and consists of Claus Holm LyngLund and Bjørn Jeppesen.
Since 2008 the band has been signed to the German record label Mellowjet records. You can find our Bandcamp page here
It has been a total of four releases on Mellowjet Records. Here among the critically acclaimed album "Synthsyg" and the EP "Anthems to the twilight"
Carboneids is 2 times "Band of the week" on BandBase (formerly known as alongside bands like "Sleep Party people", "Kellermensch", "Oh No Ono", "Lucy Love" and "Bjørn Svin". Furthermore, Carboneids has had airplay on the now defunct "The big Mix" on Danish national radio P3 and is the winner of "Unprecedented Prize 2006".
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